Exclusive NY Plates

It’s been a while since we wrote an article, today I’m going to talk about NY Plates and its resellers. We all know about custom plates, but where do they actually sell?

Well, since it’s 2017 you might have taken a good guess: Social Media. Yep, they’re literally being posted everywhere. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube!

Now obviously not all of those plates can be used legally on your car,  so do your research, but they’re really cool to have as decoration either way.

Here are some of our favorites:

Yep, those are really cool. So check out your favorite platform, most likely Instagram, and search on the hashtags: #nyplate #newyorkplate #licenseplates #lpreseller

You’re almost guaranteed to find a cool plate that fits the room you’re trying to decorate. Another option would be to customize your own license plate, on websites like MyPlates.com – which claim to be 100% street-legal.