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The Buzz about NYS Empire Gold Plates

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV) had been issuing Empire State Gold license plates since April 1, 2010. This was the replacement for the old blue and white license plates.

The NYSDMV clarified that for those who are still in possession of the blue and white plates, they need not procure the new gold plates during the registration renewal. The new gold license plates are only issued for those who wish to register their vehicle the first time, for those who apply for replacement of lost or stolen plates, or when ordering personalized license plates. But even when license plates are not stolen or damaged, vehicle owners may still choose to order the new Empire State Gold plates during renewal of registration or simply for the intention of replacing current plates.

The new shining plates could be ordered online, by mail, or by personal application at the NYSDMV office. They cost $25 for a set of two for commercial and passenger vehicles and $12.50 for motorcycle vehicles, and for others, i.e., trailers that are one-plated vehicles. You also have the option of keeping your old encoded number if you purchase the new gold ones. For the protection of all vehicle owners acquiring new gold plates, they are advised to deform or deface the old ones and throw them in separate bins at different locations and times.

The complaint of padding $10 more on the old plates was just beside the point. NY citizens miss seeing the Niagara Falls and Lady Liberty pictures from the old license plates which have been erased by a simple blue bar. The words The Empire State was also reduced to Empire State and the people felt that the word The in old caption was a distinction that meant something for them. At certain angles, the glaring yellow gold background mixed with the dark blue letters seems to give off a red color. From a practical aesthetic sense, a heavy shade of gold does not go well with another heavy shade. The new colors were also interpreted as an antiquarian ‘return to the 70s’ when license plates were also of the same color – can’t NY move on any further?

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Different Types Of NY Plates

You may call it identity expression, crisis, or craze but it’s not only cellphones, tablets, and mobile phones that get customized casings and covers. Your car plates may also be designed according to your ego.

You can order your personalized license plates online from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV) webpage. Vehicle types are classified as thus:  passenger, commercial, or motorcycle. For passenger and commercial plates, the initial cost is $60 with an annual fee of $31.25. For motorcycles, initial cost is $35 and annual fee is $18.75.

For those with esoteric beliefs on lucky numbers, you can choose your number-letter combination. You can have 2 to 8 characters for the standard series plates for commercial and passenger vehicles. Up to 6 characters are allowed for picture plates and for motorcycles (state image is not allowed for motorcycles).  Characters considered valid are letters from A-Z and numbers 0-9, including spaces. Note that state image is considered as one character. There are restrictions, of course.

Personalized plates that imitate standard plates and special registration plates are not accepted. Also prohibited are combinations that contain obscene or derogatory implications, the use of numbers that should appear as letters (and vice versa) to form a word, i.e., T0Y, A1M, and combinations that are already identified for official purposes of the NY state. This is why the vehicle owner has to apply for the desired combination and it has to be approved by the NYSDMV.

There are I Love NY Adventure plates, sports, military and veterans, counties and regions of NYS, causes, colleges, fraternities & sororities, professions, organizations, and motorcycle plates. Prices vary: for standard plates, between $30-90, which would almost double up for personalized plates. There are those that cannot be ordered online such as military plates. Others like the firefighter vehicle plates are not issued by the DMV. Historical and vintage plates are also available for vehicles manufactured and purchased 25 years ago, and kept by the owner for collection or display purposes.

You can also buy vintage plates from collectors or antique dealers, but you have to contact the Custom Plates office of the NYSDMV to verify if the plates are original. By NYS law, the plates cannot have glass or any protective covering on them.

There is a custom plate renewal fee each year that is paid during the registration process.




How To Obtain A NYC License Plate

By general principle, you cannot operate any car unless it has license plates. License plates serve as your ID on the road, a public declaration that you intend to be a driver who’s a law-abiding citizen with a sense of responsibility on the wheel, and that the vehicle is a not a junkie dinky or an experimental wizard space movable.

You obtain all the information you need from the webpage of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV) in procuring new license plates. For a new vehicle purchase, the license plate is normally obtained when you undergo the registration process. To do this, you need to go to the DMV office and fill up a registration form, show documents of identity, car insurance, and proof that you own the vehicle. You pay for the title fee ($50), the license plate fee ($25), plus tax.

The complexity of the process has to do more with the registration rather than the acquisition of the license plate itself. It is best to look at the webpage because there are different lists of required documents for varied cases of registration: vehicle is on loan, vehicle purchased from a dealer, vehicle is a military car. As general instruction, bring all identity papers necessary to save you from the hassle of having to shuttle. There are provisions for registering by mail or through a second party.

For lost and stolen license plates, you have to personally appear at the DMV office and surrender your damaged plates and/or remaining ones, show proof of insurance and identity, pay replacement fees, $25 for the standard plate which includes the payment for a duplicate set of registration documents and $12.50 for motorcycle plates. According to the NYS law, you have to retain license plates when buying or selling your vehicle, and transfer them to a new vehicle or surrender your plates to the DMV.

There are a variety of customized and specialty plates available in variable fees and you can call the DMV’s Custom Plates Unit at (528) 402-4838 anytime between 8 AM to 4 PM weekdays for more information.